Intensive training programs for dancers who mean business!

These programs require a long term commitment and are perfect for dancers who want to dig in deeper. So basically, if you’ve fallen in love with Belly Dance and want more - these are the right programs for you! We generally run these programs in groups of 4-6 dancers. Email if you'd like to be on the list for specific programs!












The Dedicated Dancer Program

12 months / 3 hour course every second month.

Commit to a year’s worth of dance education through lectures, dance classes, evaluations, video clips, and reading resources. Share your progress in a private Facebook group and connect with fellow dedicated dancers. 

Say YES to your dance development:

  • dive deeper into the nuances of various Belly Dance styles.
  • gain access to a mentor who’ll offer personalized guidance.
  • deepen your technique as you develop new musicality skills.
  • learn more about the history, music, rhythms, the cultures associated.

$400 for 12 months /
$35 per month auto-pay option available

What others have shared about the Dedicated Dancer Program.

"This program came at the perfect time - I was feeling isolated and "stuck" in my personal dance practice. I wanted to really get back into more traditional forms of bellydance but didn't know where to begin. This has been excellent - the other dancers are supportive and welcoming, there’s a good blend of lecture and actual dance time. We've covered so much. I'm so glad I found this program!" -Hannah-


*Email to learn about upcoming program dates.

The ONLINE Performance Skills Program

3 months / 2.5 hours per week

Keep yourself dancing on a schedule, and have a performance ready for a virtual hafla! This program is designed for dancers who have never created a solo, or who are experimenting with a new style.

Say YES to your creative growth:

  • receive guidance on how to create your own solo piece.
  • uncover your personal dance voice in a safe environment.
  • hone your performance skills and stage persona.
  • understand the basic compositional structure of Middle Eastern music.

$195 for 3 months /
$39 per month auto-pay option available (over 5 months)

What others have shared about the Performance Skills Program.

”I had a great time at the intensive and outside of it. I had to dance on my own, study YouTube clips, and prepare myself for the group sessions. I loved being able to ask Amity about specific questions on the styles that interest me. I would not be where I am now if I never had the motivation that the intensive gave me. I very, very much recommend it for anyone willing to work hard to grow." -Hannah


The Performance Skills Program
8 months / 4 private lessons. 4 monthly workshops.


Gain the ability to create and perform your very own dance pieces! This program is perfect for anyone who wants personalized guidance with the artistic process. Graduates get the chance to perform at our annual Raq-On studio showcase.

Say YES to your artistic voice:

  • experiment in a small workgroup with up to 5 dancers per group.
  • receive guidance on your music selection, musicality and styling.
  • learn to create your own choreography and stage persona.
  • work on dance dynamics to uplevel your own creations.

$350 for 12 months /
$45 per month auto-pay option available

What others have shared about the Performance Skills Program.

"Amity's Performance Skills program was rich, rewarding, and fruitful. It was exactly what I needed at a point where I felt I had hit a plateau with my dancing. After spending 7 years practicing tribal style bellydance, I wanted more. I wanted the depth, the history, the culture...the soul of bellydance, all of which Amity helped me explore.” -Lidia-

“This workshop was deep and personal. I spent a lot of free time studying, practicing, and soaking in the knowledge because I knew it’s what I needed to get better - to push myself. I performed my very first improv at the student showcase and couldn't be happier. While it wasn't perfect, it was me, and it showed my growth." -Kelsey-

*Email to learn about upcoming program dates


The History of Belly Dance Program
5 months / 3 hours per month. 

Part sit down, part dance down! This program is for dancers who want to deepen their cultural knowledge about the history and evolution of Belly Dance. It’s a must-have for all serious dancers.

Say YES to deeping your dance knowledge:

  • learn how dancers of the past have shaped the dance as we know it today.
  • discover the influential dancers from Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and America.
  • experiment with the signature moves of renowned historical artists.
  • geek out with homework, research, presentations and discussions.

$195 for 5 months /
$39 per month auto-pay option available


What others have shared about the History of Belly Dance Program.

"I loved this course so much! There’s so much information out there and it can be so hard to piece everything together. Amity did such a great job with helping us to understand the origins of this dance, and how it’s changed over the years. The course gave me insight on how I can develop my own style too.” -Jess-

"One thing that always struck me is the enthusiasm and absolute spark Amity has when teaching about the history of dance. It causes us all to share that excitement..." -Karen-

*Email to learn about upcoming program dates


The Folkloric Dance Program

5 months / 3 hours per month.

Discover the rich, cultural Folkloric dance forms celebrated across the Middle East and North Africa. We’ll explore the common (and not so common) styles that many Belly Dancers incorporate into their performance sets.

Say YES to diversifying your dance repertoire:
explore dances of Libya/Egypt (Hagallah), Gulf (Khaliji), Lebanon (Dabke) + more.
learn about the dance history and costuming from each region.

explore the foundational movements of each dance style.
attend lectures and participate in discussions via a private Facebook group.

$195 for 5 months /
$35 per month auto-pay option available


What others have shared about the Introduction to Folkloric Dance Program.

"This course was so informative! We got to explore so many different types of dances from so many different areas. I loved trying so many styles out and especially fell in love with Khaliji. It helped me to really understand the amount of diversity that exists within Middle Eastern and North African dances. There’s so much to learn!” -Rebecca-

*Email to learn about upcoming program dates

The Budding Performer/Semi Pro Intensive

This is the ultimate prep course I wish I had before stepping into the dance gig scene! Participants should plan on multiple solo creations and practice time outside of class and must be willing to build up to the ability to dance for 15+ min straight including prop changes. Dancers will also leave with a “media kit” including bios, photos, marketing materials, etc. and will be prepped for various situations you may stumble upon as a public performer. Dancers will perform in a digital showcase at the end of the session showcasing one of their polished sets.