Raq-On Dance keeps on hand various costuming and class wear at the studio for sale. Inventory constantly changes based on trips to the Middle East for Purchasing. Raq-On Dance only stocks items made by women and families in the Middle East. When purchasing items online, we encourage everyone to make sure to support those living and making a fair wage in the culture of which we derive much joy from.

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Items available at Raq-On Dance Studio:



Raq-On Apparel

Sport your dancer pride in shirts with fun sayings like, “Keep Calm & Raq-On,” “Life is Short, Shimmy,” or “Belly Dancers Raq!”




Raq-On Dance Dynamic Cards for Practice

 These cards have been used at the studio and in my own practice for years. Dancers loved the method so much we had them professionally printed. Along with your cards you'll receive corresponding hour-long download demonstrating how they can help you grow as a dancer. The cards can be used for improvisation, drills, and creating choreography.

As students, we learn dance in different ways: visually by watching, hands on by doing/practicing, and finally by hearing the music and connecting to the embedded emotion. Most dancers find it too overwhelming to tackle all of these methods at once and get frustrated or even shut down. Stop beating yourself up! We don’t learn to walk by trying to run, do we? We feel the ground, find our balance,and take baby steps until we have enough practice and courage to take off running.  The cards are divided into 3 areas of drilling and exploration: movements, dynamics, and emotions. Soon, you'll no longer need to memorize combinations you learned in workshops or from other dancers. You'll have your own unique movement vocabulary that you can pull from memory at the flick of a zill!  Perfect for practicing on your own, with a friend, in class, or giving as a gift to a fellow dancer who may be going through her own dancer version of writer's block


Raq-On Dance carries in stock coin and beaded hipscarves made in Egypt. Prices range from $35-45

Props and other gently-used costuming

Raq-On dance carries basic items such as veils, zills, props, and gently used costumes. Visit the studio to see ever-changing options.





Music, DVD’s, Books & More:

Raq-On Dance has an amazon store with music and items we use and recommend. A portion of these sales help support our in-studio scholarship fund. To visit click here






Ebooks for Dancers

Amity Alize has written 3 ebooks for dancers on the business side of dance, including hosting workshops, opening a studio, and teaching new dance and fitness instructors business basics. For more information click here









Custom Belly Dance Costumes

Raq-On Dance works with a variety of professional costumers in the USA and Egypt. If you are looking to purchase a custom costume, please contact us at