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-Learn how to host efficient, stress-free workshops and performances

-Help you figure out the logistics, planning, and details of starting a  Dance Studio

-Provide one-on one consultations on your personal business situation

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Business 101 for Dance & Fitness Teachers

Let a CPA and successful dance teacher be your personal dance business mentor.

In this interactive guide, Amity "Alize" Ollis leads you through more than a dozen checklists, questionnaires, and worksheets, while filling you in on everything you need to know to build a successful teaching business.


  • -How to determine if you're ready to take the leap (and questionnaires to guide you in the process)
    • -How to create a personal time budget
      • -What to consider when creating your classes, pricing, and registration formats
        • -The three most crucial financial budgets (and templates to take you through them step by step)
          • -Earn more with supplemental services & sales
            • -What you'll need for business registration & formation
              • -Crucial items to consider when choosing a teaching space
                • -Basic bookkeeping & tax items to consider

-What basic marketing and branding items you should have

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Hosting Dance Workshops 101

Spend less than a meal out and save yourself costly and time-consuming mistakes!

Ever wondered what it takes to host a workshop, show, or event?

"Hosting Dance Workshops 101 was a godsend for me as a first-time workshop host. From the early steps of figuring out expenses and determining how much to charge attendees, to last-minute details like compiling a task list for the on-site assistant, this book covered it all. It was key in giving me the confidence to host a weekend of workshops with a teacher from San Francisco. I'd highly recommend this book not only to Belly Dancers, but to anyone thinking about hosting educational sessions in any type of performance art." -J.R.

This 38 page PDF booklet contains:

The "I just want to dance and figure out the details quickly" Bonus Package includes the PDF Booklet plus helpful, reusable, user-friendly Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to assist in determining pricing and breakeven for your event. Use these for each of your events to make sure you're charging the right amount for the size of the event! Bonus package: $34.99 CLICK TO BUY NOW






Dance Studio Startup Kit: Planning for Success

By the end of this e-book, you should have a better grasp on what you need to consider and whether owning a dance studio is the right choice for you. Spend a little money now to save yourself frustrations in the future!

Starting a Dance Studio is no matter to take lightly. There are many benefits to having your own space, however there are many pitfalls that can force studios to close early due to founder burnout or lack of business planning.

"First off this is fantastic! Thank you for writing this! As someone in the process, I can say that if I didn't have the advantage of talking to you in person, this would have been a great substitute." -Studio Startup Book Owner


Topics covered in this 70+ page PDF include:

  • How to create the three most crucial financial budgets for planning (and templates to do it)

  • Questionnaires to help you solidify whether you're ready to take the leap

  • Important items to include in your business plan to obtain financing

  • Crucial items to consider when choosing a studio space

  • Basic equipment and necessities you'll need to consider

  • Ideas for supplemental services & sales to offer

  • What you'll need to consider for business registration & formation

  • Choosing an entity structure that works for you

  • Basic bookkeeping & tax items you should consider

  • Determining whether you have (or should have) employees or an independent contractor

  • Basic marketing and brands items to have for your business

  • Items to consider when creating your class structure, pricing, and registration formats

  • Ways to avoid burnout

  • & much more!

  • BONUS section from Joie Grandbois on music licensing for studios

  • BONUS section from Julie Eason from the Belly Dance Business Academy on Marketing

  • Very useful Excel spreadsheets will help you plan for success and avoid the traps that force many studio owners to close their doors forever. These user-friendly "plug and see the results" excel spreadsheets for you to see and try different options to figure out where exactly you need to be from breakeven, ongoing, and dream operation scenarios (a $30 value).
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You've worked hard to obtain your Dance skills.

Don't let the myriad of reporting and recordkeeping requirements keep you behind a desk rather than being on the dance floor. Take the time now to properly plan and obtain the business knowledge you need to succeed! Add tools to your hip belt that will make your dance business more efficient, effective, and rewarding! Let Amity Alize, a licensed CPA in NH, studio owner, dance teacher, performer, and event producer help you avoid the expensive and time-consuming landmines of running your own dance business.You may have specific questions or needs specific to your personal situation. Some consultants will try to sell you more than you need because they don't speak the same "language," Flat rate, $100 per hour.



We'll come to you and offer a course! Perfect for Dance Conferences, Trade Groups, and Local Dance Communities.  Email Amity Alize for more information at raqondance@gmail.com.


"Amity Alize is not only a wonderful teacher but she is also an amazing mentor to those interested in opening a dance studio.  Her passion for dance and knowledge on running a small business have been invaluable to me as I set up a dance fitness studio.  Going into it, I felt that I particularly lacked the financial background needed to run a business so I approached and she set me up with the basics for running a studio, covering topics ranging from creating a break even analysis to hiring employees.  I shared with  Amity the topics that I wanted to cover and she focused on those areas in depth and made sure I felt comfortable before we moved on to another topic.  I feel confident that I will be able to take what I have learned from Amity and run my own business, knowing that if I have further questions, Amity will be willing to answer them.  Amity is also a wealth of dance knowledge, sharing resources useful for studio owners and she is always willing to help another dancer reach her potential."

-K.B, Starting a Studio

“Amity Alize is a hardworking and kind hearted individual. As a master belly dance teacher and business tax professional, I would recommend her services to anyone interested in starting their own arts related business. When I started my dance and gymnastics business, she was there to offer me a beautiful studio space to teach in - which she created from scratch - and she was always available and willing to answer any tax or business related questions I had. She was so welcoming and so easy to work with!”

Kaitlyn Knapp, Kaitlyn Knapp Dance and Choreography www.kkdac.com www.facebook.com/kkdac

"My consultation with Amity provided me with a much more realistic sense of the ins and outs of running a dance studio. Going from a part-time teacher renting space to running my own studio, I didn’t have a lot of sense as to where to begin and I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Amity helped me to focus on what my next steps should be and gave me advice on things I would not have ever thought of. Amity's experience as a studio owner is invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to run their own studio."

Aeshna Mairead

“Amity Alize is well organized and insightful about spreading not only dance, but culture as well. She set up an amazing workshop and show for me at the "Shaker Museum". A historic and unique spot in New England history. I appreciate her willingness to support my projects such as the "40 Days and 1001 Nights Back Roads America Tour" where I traveled though rural America to share my findings on life in the Muslim world, as well as the upcoming fundraiser for my film "Ethiopia Dances for Joy".”

Tamalyn Dallal   www.TamalynDallal.com www.DanceonFilm.info



Amity Alize is a Dancer, Studio Owner, Troupe Director, Event Producer, and CPA licensed in NH. As a Dancer, she understands the needs, demands and management of running a dance business. As a CPA, she specializes in small businesses and non-profits to help them understand the bookkeeping, tax, payroll, and management requirements. Combining these two passions, she has created a variety of products and services helping dancers spend less time worrying about the time behind the scenes so they can focus on being onstage.