Teaching Philosophy


Amity Alize takes an honest, sincere, and engaged approach in teaching Middle Eastern Dance and its Westernized styles. Understanding that everyone learns differently, she teaches each technique visually, while explaining through verbal and hands on application. Students will never be called out, shamed, or discouraged. Instead, students will be provided a warm, encouraging environment to learn and grow as dancers. Amity teaches beyond technique, including lessons on history, musicality, and theory in every class.

Commonly referred to as a Dancer for Dancers, Amity believes that in order for the dance to become visual on the body, a dancer has to hear the music, feel the history, absorb it into their heart, and feel it in their own way within their soul. 


"Amity Alize has devoted her life to belly dance and community building. Her intelligence, humor, drive, and compassion enrich the world. She is a talented, creative artist, an empowering teacher, and the magnetic charge that holds our dance community together. She's a damn fine dancer, too." -Alia Thabit

"Thank you so much -I am very inspired to practice and attempt new adventures!"

"Amity, awesome thank you. Lots of good feedback to work on and stuff to be happy about, I’ve never met anyone who makes me feel good about things that need improvement on anything in my life."

"One thing that always struck me is the enthusiasm and absolute spark you have when you're teaching about the history of dance, that causes us to share in that excitement..."


Raq-On Dance Foundation Classes


Looking for the Raq-On Dance Studio experience? The Raq-On Dance Studio technique classes by level can be offered at any location. These can be offered as a single offering or a multi-week session. Offerings can also be accompanied by a combination or choreography.


  • Level I: Belly Dance Foundations
  • Level II: Advanced Beginner
  • Level III: Intermediate
  • Level IV: Performing Skills

Classes on Dancing with Props:

  • Veil
  • Fan Veil
  • Wings of Isis
  • Swords
  • Tahtib/Assaya (Stick/Cane)
  • Finger Cymbals (zills/sagat)
  • Thobes (Khaleegy style)

Unique Workshop Offerings


The following workshops can be offered in 2-4 hour segments, or combined with more application in combinations and choreography for longer options.

Goo & Layers

Gooey explains movements that just melt. It’s about connecting, completing, and melting movements. We’ll spend an entire class making you ooze through detailed explanations of muscle versus skeletal movements, weight transitions, and combinations.  Once you’re gooey we’ll add the next “layer” demystify layering technique. Handouts included. (Suitable for: all levels)

Improvisation “Technique”

Many dancers fear improvisation. Let’s face it, letting go is hard! However, improvisation plays a historical role in this dance in nightclubs, parties, and in its original folkloric form. In this workshop we’ll break down dynamics used in improvisation to help you “take the plunge,” as well learning drills to help you let go and improvise! Handouts included. (Suitable for: all levels)

Egyptian Oriental & Modern Egyptian    

Egyptian style today is one of the most popular styles of Belly Dance. This style relies heavily on the music to define the emotion of the dance (also known as Tarab). Egyptian dance has evolved significantly over the last forty years. We’ll go through some basic Egyptian techniques from the Golden Era to modern stylings including weight changes, internalizing movements, and combinations to Egyptian music to help you feel your way into the style. Handouts included. (Suitable for: all levels)

Choreography & Stage Dynamics 101

Need some tips on creating your own piece? When you start creating choreography do you feel overwhelmed or automatically forget everything you know? This workshop goes over basic stage dynamics such as understanding your audience, staging techniques, dance dynamics, and creative drills to spice up your performance and bring your choreographies to the next level. You’ll also receive Amity’s comprehensive mini book to help you along the way. (Suitable for: all levels)

But Weight! Get More from your Core

As Belly Dance Students we learn a generalized technique involving both muscular and skeletal movements. Each style of Belly Dance uses the same movement technique, however, sometimes the movements are generated with a different weight or muscular intention. We’ll compare and contrast styles and eras of Belly Dance along with new “angles” on traditional Belly Dance technique! (Suitable for: all levels)

Hearty Hips/All About the Hips

Gain more depth and flexibility in your movements through the use of drills, technique breakdown, and comparison of weight placement among the various styles of Belly Dance. We’ll practice hip articulations, piston hips, lifts, drops, shimmies, bounces, and more while playing with skeletal and muscular variations. In other words, you’ll be one hip chick! (Suitable for: all levels)

Just Winging It

Do you have a set of Isis Wings but have no idea how to incorporate them into your dancing? No problem! In this workshop we'll work on both traditional and non-traditional ideas to spice up your routines for ISIS wings. We'll also nail down those tricky barrel turns and learning how to spin different ways to vary your performance.

Dancing Through the Eras
Have you ever noticed differences in dancers among generations? Egyptian and American Belly Dance Stylizations have morphed due to a variety of reasons including pop culture, music, and societal changes. In this class we'll explore weight changes, body carriage, and popular moves by decade starting with the Golden Era of Egyptian Cinema through today's popularity of Shaabi and street dances.

Folklore Soirée
Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, folkloric dances are meant for celebration and fun. In this class we’ll introduce you to various folkloric combinations including Khaleegi, Saidi, Nubian, Hagallah, Moroccan, and more. We’ll then take these steps and introduce them into combinations you can absorb into modern day routines!


Choreography Workshops


Choreography classes and workshops are available in a variety of styles. Below are a few samples of unique offerings:

Fan Veil Fusion

Learn soulful, somber, and deep, fusion choreography to Apocalyptica’s cover of “Nothing Else Matters.” Full of spins, turns, and theatrical stage presence, this piece is for those who want to explore a totally different feel onstage. Difficulty Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Classic Egyptian Oriental

An elegant-yet challenging choreography that full traveling steps and balletic arms-all while keeping a smile and humming along with a classical, moody, Egyptian orchestrated piece. Difficulty Level: Intermediate/Advanced


Draped in a beautiful thobe, you’ll enjoy the contagious rhythms of the Gulf! Difficulty Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate 



Amity Alize is an avid researcher of Middle Eastern Culture and History. She has spent many hours breaking down the styles and eras of dance into segments. The following media presentations can be offered as 1-2 hour presentations.

-History of Belly Dance as we know it today

-The difference between Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, American, and Tribal styles

-Egyptian stylizations and nuances by decade

-How the media, Hollywood, and entertainment demands changed Belly Dance

Deeper Intensives & Programs


On an annual basis, Raq-On Dance offers two intensive programs for serious dancers who want a well-rounded experience:

-Dedicated Dancer Program (focused on technique and history, 12 months)

-Performance Intensive Program Level I & II (focused on performance skills and musicality, 8 months)

 Both of these can be offered at other locations or for private groups. FMI visit: http://raq-on.net/newsite/index.php/classes-events/intensive-programs


Information for Event Organizers & Workshop Hosts

Rates: $125 per hour, or event split of 70/30%. Host covers travel and accommodation costs. Amity Alize is insured and will provide a w-9 and contract upon request.

Short Bio:

Amity Alize has studied Middle Eastern Folkloric and Oriental Dance since 2001. Focusing on tying the folkloric and modern styles together through her own research, she travels internationally studying dance ongoing basis. She is the founder of Raq-On Dance Studio, Director of the Annual Shimmyathon Festival in the Northeast, and manages her Student Troupe, the Raq-ettes. Her dance studio, Raq-On Dance, has won multiple arts and educational awards for programming in the Northeast. She has written three ebooks for dancers on the business side for dancers and entertainers. Amity Alize has performed internationally and recently taught and performed at Camp Negum in Cairo, Egypt. She performs at weddings, celebrations, in theatre shows, and with Middle Eastern Bands. FMI Visit raq-on.net 

Long Bio:

Amity means "friend" in Latin, "truth" in Hebrew, and "peace" in most Middle Eastern and European languages. Alize means joyful. Amity Alize has studied Middle Eastern and Oriental Dances since 2001. Focusing on tying the folkloric and modern styles together through her own research, she travels internationally studying dance on an ongoing basis. Her mission is to empower others through performances, workshops, and classes to step out of their boxes, increase their self-esteem and positive self-image, live through the music, and most of all, just have fun and be authentically themselves.

As the founder and director of Raq-On Dance, Amity has taught over a thousand people to learn Belly Dance. Raq-On Dance Studio has won multiple arts and educational awards for programming in the Northeast. Preferred to be called a mentor, she encourages her students to study with various teachers and various styles in order to find their "own dance." In 2015 she was invited to teach and perform in Cairo, Egypt, as part of the Camp Negum Dance Festival.

She is the Director of the annual Shimmyathon Dance Festival and have hosted over fifty events including national and international dancers. She has written three ebooks on the business, teaching, and event management side of performing arts for dancers.  

Amity Alize performs at weddings, celebrations, theatre shows, fundraisers, and venues with Middle Eastern Bands. Her style can be best described as Classical Golden Era Egyptian fused with Vintage American Oriental. She manages Raq-On Dance’s student Troupe, the Raq-ettes, which perform folkloric and modern Middle Eastern Dance styles throughout the Northeast.


High-resolution photos and media kit download: Click here to download a zip file of all of the information included on this page

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AmityO

References and CV available upon request.

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