Spend an hour a week on you!

Close the door, put some lipstick on, call a babysitter.
Do whatever you need to do to celebrate and enjoy some precious time with YOU!

Join our LIVE online Belly Dance classes from the comfort of your own home to:
experience the power of this ancient dance form.
reconnect with your body in a completely new, sensual way.
finally connect with an inspiring non-judgemental dance community.
boost your self-confidence and let go of what's been holding you back.

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Can’t make it to our LIVE online classes?

You’re in luck! Amity Alize offers a series of pre-recorded classes for dancers of all levels. Sign up, download and enjoy for a lifetime.

Foundational series

Tailor-made for beginners, discover the basic movements of Belly Dance.

You’ll learn:


2 videos available, 1 hour each. More coming soon!

Click here: Class #1 $9.99 Watch trailer or buy now

Click here: Class #2 $9.99 Watch trailer or buy now


Specialized classes to support your training

Dance Dynamics

Explore tricks and tips to develop your unique dance voice.

You’ll learn:

Watch trailer or buy now $12

Buy the pack of cards + download $15



Get more from your core

Uplevel your confidence by connecting back to the roots Belly Dance.

You’ll learn:

Watch trailer or buy now $12



Want new content and access to our online library? Make requests for topics? Amity uploads new content every month.

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