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2022 Special Classes, Events, & Guest Teachers


December 4th: Raq-ettes Perform at Cairo Cabaret in Chicopee, MA
Saturday, April 1st, 2022: Raq-On Dance presents a day of workshops with Amity
100% of proceeds go towards Reproductive Rights
Hotel Coolidge VT Room, White River Junction, VT
How to register: email and send us confirmation of a donation to a reproductive rights charity of your choice. Donation amount is whatever is meaningful to you. If you’re looking for a number, these workshops are normally ($75 and show tickets $20)
11:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M: All about the hips!
Join us for a class on juicy hip movements, combinations, and earthy stylizations. We’ll cover technique in the first hour and turn these into combinations for the 2nd.
2:00-4:00 P.M: Saidi Combinations
Enjoy a short post-lunch lecture, and then technique and combinations to the Saidi rhythm. Bring a Tahtib or Assaya (Cane), we will also have some loaners.
7:00 P.M: Performance & Hafla! Performances by local professional and student dancers. Audiences welcome by donation to a reproductive charity of your choice. To reserve your tickets, email
Your teacher: Amity is from the local dance school, Raq-On Dance. Amity began studying Middle Eastern and Oriental dances in 2001, and continues to deepen her knowledge through annual travels to Egypt. Driven to empower dancers to celebrate their body, Amity creates a fun and culturally appropriate atmosphere for her students. She has shared the art of Belly Dance (Raqs Sharqi) with thousands in the North East. Founder of the multi-award winning Raq-On Dance studio, Amity encourages dancers to develop their own unique voice. She was invited to teach and perform at the Camp Negum Dance Festival in Cairo in 2015 and goes to Egypt often. She is the director of the annual Shimmyathon Festival and has hosted over a hundred events featuring national and international dancers. Amity’s style is described as Classical Golden Era Egyptian fused with Vintage American Oriental. She can be seen performing at weddings, theatre shows, fundraisers, and venues featuring Middle Eastern bands. She offers workshops across the United States and abroad. FMI visit