All live classes are running online in 2021 via zoom until
we can dance in person together again. 


1 Hour Per week x 4 weeks

1 Hour Per week x 4 weeks


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2 Hours per week x 4 weeks

2 Hours per week x 4 weeks


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FILL IN THE BLANK WITH YOUR EXCUSE: “but I’m too ______ to try Belly Dancing!"

AND THEN READ THIS: People are often afraid to try Belly Dancing for a variety of reasons: the negative (and incorrect) connotations associated with the dance, there’s nobody to try a class with, or they harbor a negative body image. Throw all of those excuses out the window, and allow yourself to have fun for just an hour a week or 3 nights a week.

Raq-On Dance takes pride in its positive, supportive atmosphere.  People of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities are welcomed into a warm, encouraging environment that promotes higher self-esteem, positive body image, friendship, community, and fun.

Belly Dance is a low impact exercise, great for toning, and a wonderful stress reliever.  Many people come into the studio tired or hardened from a long day at work, and leave smiling, laughing, relaxed, and even a few inches taller.

I'm not sure I can afford it...what does it cost?

Cheaper than a gym membership (and you're more likely to go), less than a jar of fancy face cream which doesn't really do anything for you or that name-brand hand bag you'll be sick of in a few months. Spend money on something that never goes out of style; invest in you!

What do I wear? And do I have to show my belly?
Most people start out in comfortable workout/yoga clothes.  But don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking for a coin scarf to coordinate with every outfit; It’s all sequins and rhinestones from there!  Before you know it, you’ll be taking over even more of the closet with shimmering costumes from Egypt and Turkey. It's inevitable; don't fight it.

And no, you never have to show your belly.  This is a common misconception and stereotype about belly dancing, thanks to MTV.

How many people are there in each class?

We max our classes out at 8-10 dancers to ensure you receive a personal experience in an environment that isn't overcrowded. 

Will I be tested or “called on” in class?

At Raq-On Dance, positivity and comfort is a key part of our instruction.  You will receive constructive and kind instruction, and you are never tested or called out in class.  You can be as quiet or inquisitive as you’d like.