Dance to celebrate. Dance to empower.

No matter your shape, age, color, or gender you can count on feeling at home at Raq-On Dance. We’re an inclusive dance community that promotes body positivity, and we’re here to celebrate you, exactly as you are.

“Raqs” means “dance” in Arabic and we’ll dance our way across the Middle East from our studio space - or your Zoom screen! Learn how to shake those hips while you discover the wonderful cultures these dances come from.

Raq-On Dance has been around since 2004 and we’ve helped thousands of people blossom into dancers. Whether you want to learn for fun, connect with your body, feel fit, or “make it to the stage”, we’ll be there to guide you at every (dance) step of the way. Join us for classes in Central NH/VT, online, or at your location.