"Real Life" Occupation: Food Safety and Quality Manager

Favorite Belly Dance Movement: I love doing hip circles and figure eights - anything with hips!

Favorite Belly Dance Style or Prop:   I am drawn to Egyptian style of dance, especially Saidi.

How long have you been dancing?  I started belly dance at age 47 and have been dancing for three years.

Why do you dance at Raq-On?

I have learned a lot at Raq-On about different styles of dance, musicality, staging and costuming. I dance here because there is a warm, fun, and supportive dance community. I am able to stretch much further than I ever thought I would with belly dance and it has made me a more confident and well rounded person. Learning about the culture where your favorite dance originates is very eye-opening and touches you deep inside.

What's the one thing you would tell someone who is interested in trying Belly Dance?

If you are interested in trying Belly Dance it is a lot of fun without any pressure, and you just might surprise yourself!