I went to a free class at Raq-On Dance Studio at the urging of a coworker who had been taking classes. My biggest fear was that I would be too old. I thoroughly enjoyed it and went to a few classes. I attended the Student Recital to cheer on my coworker and was in awe of all the performers! I wanted to be able to move like them. I started taking classes regularly and decided to dance in the Recital. I had the best time! It was awesome!!! I have issues with my feet, but have been able to modify movements and use shoes. Classes are a lot of fun, Amity and Abi are wonderful, there’s no pressure—you do what you can, the exercise is great for your core and posture and the community of women are so supportive of one another. My favorite part of classes is the fun and comrade. I don’t think you’ll find that in a gym. There are women of all ages and sizes! This fall I’m taking the 8 month Intensive Performance classes with Amity. I can’t wait!