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Learn and perfect the art of Raqs Sharqi (AKA Belly Dance) with Raq-On Dance.

Then get ready - because you’re about to fall in love with Belly Dance!

Who we are:

We’re passionate dancers and teachers. In our eyes, everyone is a dancer only waiting to be revealed.

What we offer:

From beginner to advanced, Raq-On Dance focuses on technique and musicality. Classes with us are not your local gym or fitness offering with the same levels and moves each week. We're hardcore dedicated dancers who are active performers and community members. We speak arabic and translate songs for you, bring you on field trips to see dance in the Northeast, travel to the regions we teach about, and perform with Middle Eastern Musicians. We ensure our students not only know the moves, but fall in love with music and nuance in the dance.

If you just love to dance or maybe you’re getting ready to go pro - we’ll help you to meet all your objectives.


For dancers who want to dive in deep, we have long term intensive programs available. From technique, to performance, to history, to Folklore, our intensives are the perfect way to commit to your dance growth.


Every month, Raq-On Dance hosts dancers from around the globe for specialty workshop topics. We feature top instructors who’ve honed their own style with loads of research to share - to help bring your dance to the next level.